Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Mr Robert Cross | Head Teacher

I whould like to state that rock have impressed us with their product and service. The first set of 16 cts wireless laptops have been excellent. So much so that when we were looking to extend the numbers from 16 to 32 we had no hesitation in going with rock again. However we did not realise that a tablet version was available and when rock's sales manager paid us a visit and showed us the latest we jumped at the chance. Again the delivery and service was second to none with followup calls to keep us informed of our delivery date.

The children were delighted with the first set of laptops but the latest additions have bowled them over. They are very easy to use and appear to be very resilient. However it is too early yet to state for sure but we are optimistic! We are also just beginning to find out exactly what the tablet version can achieve. They have fitted in very well with the school's wireless network. The use of the stylus and touch screen look useful for our younger users and again early indications are bearing this out.

Thanks again for your professional courtesy and honesty.

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