A brief comparison between 7950 and 8700 graphics

In the current mobile market space, rock is able to provide two high-end graphics solutions. The Geforce 7950GTX and the new Geforce 8700GT. As their names suggest, we are offering cards from two generations of NVIDIA graphics; the 7 series based on DirectX 9 technology and the 8 series which is based on the latest DirectX 10 offering.

The 7950 will outperform the 8700 in most games available today the 7950 features faster core and memory clock speeds. However, as dedicated DirectX 10 titles become available, the 8700 will be required to display new graphical features of the game.

In short; choose the 7950GTX for today’s fastest performance and the 8700GT if you are more interested in DirectX 10 future proofing and still excellent performance in today’s standards.

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